Sunday, 17 May 2015

Iceland Day 1: Reykjavik

4am on a Thurday morning and the alarm went off.  Normally I would groan, reset my alarm for a more reasonable hour and go back to sleep.  Not this Thursday though.  This Thursday we were heading to Iceland!

Bags packed, car loaded and up the M1 we went towards Luton airport.  I managed to find a pretty good deal for airport parking (Airparks) so dropped off the car and was whisked away by bus to the airport.

When I fly I have a bit of a routine…do you?  I normally get a McD's breakfast then head to the bar for a glass or two of wine.  Not usually things that go together but I'm scared of flying (even though there are a lot of things I enjoy about being on a plane like being able to see the scenery as you take off, the trays of food and the films) and it all helps.  This time was different though.  No stop at the bar because we were picking up a rental car at the other end of the flight and also because rather than the previous solo flights, I had Mr Jones with me.

Friday, 1 May 2015

Lorraine Pascale's "Best Body" Trial

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I love food.  All of it.  What I don't like is dieting and I'm really not a fan of exercise.  I know that (especially as I'm getting to the back end of my 30s) I need to exercise and probably need to keep an eye on the cheese/salt/fat levels in some of the things I eat.

When I saw that one of my favourite TV food people, Lorraine Pascale, was looking for 30 people to trial her new healthy eating and fitness plan I surprised myself by filling in the form with my 250 words or less on why she should pick me.

What surprised me even more was that I was picked to take part!

Thursday, 30 April 2015

Wise Words

I'm ALWAYS seeing pins on Pinterest with motivational or inspirational quotes.  I tend to glance over them and then move on to the next pin about cats or food or sparkly things because it takes a pretty good quote to catch my eye but I also have a few quotes that mean a lot to me so don't need to get cluttered up in the sayings and exerpts deparment.

So I thought I'd share my favourites with you - no fancy font or presentation, just the words in situ on my fridge, wall, etc…

Sunday, 12 April 2015

Mix & Match Sushi Bowl

Mix & match sushi bowl - how to make fresh and healthy deconstructed sushi full of vegetables, proteins and flavour!  It tastes just like your favourite sushi without the hassle of rolling!

There are times when I want all the fresh, healthy things that you get with sushi but can't be faffed with all the prep and rolling and trying to make it all stay in tight little rolls so they don't fall apart in the space between plate and mouth…I know you're with me on this one…

So here's the solution - fill a bowl with sushi rice and then top it with all the scrummy things you would normally find inside your favourite sushi roll!

Thursday, 9 April 2015

Baked Smoked Haddock Fish Fingers

Home made baked fish fingers - using smoked haddock adds a more grown up taste to these fish sticks that kids (and big kids!) will both love and baking them is far healthier than frying!

If you spent any part of your childhood in England then it's likely you will remember having fish fingers for dinner.  I preferred mine to be served with Alphabites (potato-y letters) and perhaps a blob of ketchup.

Fast forward 25 years…fish fingers are still one of my favourite comfort foods but have made things a little more classy by introducing potato smiles and steamed broccoli…

Normally I buy the bog-standard orange breadcrumb coated fish sticks but fancied something a little more grown up.  I wanted a big chunk of cod so I could make some fairly hefty fish fingers but while perusing the fish aisle in the supermarket I spotted some smoked haddock.  Bingo!  Using plain breadcrumbs with this fish makes them a little more grown up than the normal store-bought fish fingers but know they'd be a hit with the little people as well!


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